Cubs - Resources

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Cubs are expected to bring the following equipment each week:


·       Cub handbook (bought from us)

·       Notepad / paper

·       Pen AND pencil

·       Clean handkerchief

·       Piece of string (suitable for practicing knots)

·       Container / plastic pack to keep it all in


The folder is also used to hold ongoing work.


This kit should be brought every week for inspection. This takes place at the start of each pack night and is carried out by the sixers (senior Cubs).


Inspection checks:

·       Completeness of equipment pack

·       Cleanliness of hands (including fingernails) and face

·       Correct placement and sewing of badges on uniform

·       Correct neckerchief and woggle


Cubs are marked each week and the Cub with the highest marks over the month is awarded the ‘Cub of the Month’ award. If a Cub gains this award three times they receive their own trophy.