Cubs - What we do

What do we do?


This is a difficult question to answer, because in general the answer is … anything and everything!!! While we’re at the Sailing Club we will play games, complete team activites or work towards any of the 37 activity badges, 7 staged activity badges or 7 challenge badges. We may be meeting someone from our local community, learning first aid or testing our fitness. We tie knots, we present research to the rest of the pack, we conduct science experiments. There is not a single badge in the entire range of badges that we have not worked towards and completed at some point.


When we're not at the Sailing Club on a pack night we may be taking a walk around our local area or visiting a local organisation, we could be learning archery or circus skills at the local campsite or we might be building sandcastles on the beach before the annual barbecue.


Several times a year we organise camps and nights away – the pack stays from Friday evening to Saturday or Sunday lunchtime on a campsite. These can be held just with our group, or mixing with other Cubs and Scouts from the local district, county, the UK or even internationally. They can be held indoors, or out in tents depending on the location and time of year.


Our local site is West Hall in Whitburn, and the County site is Moor House Adventure Centre near Durham. Depending on the programme for the year, we also may day events such as the Cub fun day.


Over the 3 years that you may be part of our Cub pack, you work towards attaining seven challenges and the highest Cub award – the Chief Scout’s Silver Award. You can also work towards activity badges individually or as part of the pack. Full details of all Cub activity badge requirements can be found in the Cub handbook, or online here.