Cubs - Joining the pack

Please feel free to come to a meeting to see what we’re all about. We may be able to accept new members immediately or you may need to spend a short time on a waiting list (depending on how busy we are). If you want to talk to us beforehand you can use this contact form.


To start with you’ll just need to bring yourselves. Once you’ve decided to stay in the pack (within a few weeks) we ask that you should have a uniform. This consists of a green sweatshirt available from the Scout shops (we can get them for you, or ask for details of where to buy them), dark trousers and a neckerchief and woggle (bought from us). You will also need to get a pack (a plastic wallet similar to what other Cubs bring) to store work and for pack activities. Click here for a list of what it should contain. You will need a Cub handbook, which can also be bought from us or from the Scout shops.


Subs are £35.00 and are payable on the first week of each new term. Cheques can be used, made payable to the 3rd South Shields Sea Scout Group. This money pays for the use of the hall, equipment, insurance, badges, materials, activities, and subsidises the cost of our camps and outings. All of the people that run the group are unpaid volunteers. Every member above the age of 18 that has contact with any age Scout (6-18) is subject to a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, which replaced CRB criminal record check in 2013.


Members will be invested into the pack (becoming a proper Cub Scout) when they have completed the membership award. The investiture ceremony is a special event for the children and parents are welcome to come and watch. Cubs will receive several badges during the ceremony, and will earn more through their work and activities. The Cub handbook contains a diagram of where each badge goes or you can have a look here, but just ask us if you’re not sure.